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Ethiopia: Time for our thoughts to fall into place

The nation seems caught in the political crossfire whether the election the National Electora
Board (NEB) slated to conduct months later this year should be carried out or postponed. But after Covid-19 reversed the order of things the balance is tilting towards the latter as espoused by those who see things with a cool head at this dark spot in mankind’s history.
As a credible election that could warrant a genuine democracy looked-forward to by citizens, for ages, obligate citizens insulated from anxieties of different nature that could rob them of equanimity, throw them out of balance and coerce them to back off from active participation.
In the face of a pandemic having a delirious impact on society and compelling social distancing, urging for the conduct of election eclipsed by a dark cloud gathering over their head that has a deleterious impact on society is fatuous if not impish as it is natural to expect a throng of people in election polls.
The election NEB slated for this year and many similar events on the global calendar like the Tokyo Olympic and world expo to be held in Dubai are ruled out. It is not to surmise the financial crisis, among others, the turn of events could inflict. Rather it is high time to roll up sleeves to cushion the socioeconomic aftermath of the pandemic.
The propensity of demanding the conduct of election facing the risk of one’s health spots light on hidden motive to take advantage of shaky or unstable situation showcases inconsiderateness. It is cognizant of this fact the incumbent which was unflinching for seeing to the conduct of election as per the slated time this year has made a bugled 180 degree shift to espouse the postponement of the election in consonance with NEB’s decision. The government was Striving its level best to play a midwifery role to the birth of democracy in the true sense of the word. By a strange twist of fate Covid-19 has aborted the envisaged program.
Contrary to this, on the global arena we are witnessing the anathema Poland is entertaining for pressing ahead to conduct presidential election via postal mail at this trying time in history.

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