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Aleqa: A man with good sense of humor

He was born on November 1821, in South Gondar, Fogera Woreda in a place customarily known as Nabega Giorgis.

He followed his religious education at his birthplace and then moved to Gojam to further it. Later, returning to Gondar, he advanced his religious education assisted by various church intellectuals. Following the knowledge manifested at his early age, he was appointed to various positions and responsibilities, and served at his birthplace and beyond.

Aleqa Gebrehanna Gebremariam (some say his father name is Desta) was known for his witticisms, mocking jokes, satiric and gold and wax speeches.

He was also one of the teachers at the church school of Saint Raguel on Mount Entoto and he was often a guest of the Emperor Menelik II and his wife Empress Taytu. His relations with these monarchs are the setting for many of the stories told about him, as various writings stated.

Aleqa though is known by many people for his witticism and satiric speeches as well as for manipulating humor so instantly, he was the famous Ethiopian priest and bale qene, (poet), teacher, grammar master, church intellectual, who put his fingerprint in the history of Ethiopian folklores.

Today, we present the folktales and jokes uttered by the Liq in different times at different contexts and published by Arefeayne Hagos, in Amharic language under the tiltle: Aleqa Gebrehanna and his mockery jokes.

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