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President Urges Graduates To Strive For Changes, AAU Graduates 5,600 Students Virtually

 President Sahle-Work Zewdie said it shall be a milestone when graduates should exert more efforts to strive for national and communal changes.

The assertion came at a time when the president addressed the graduation ceremony held at Addis Ababa University where more than 5,600 students have been virtually qualified in Second and Third Degree Programs. It is stated that 27 percent of today’s graduates are female.

The president has applauded the graduates calling them to exert collective efforts to bring about all-rounded changes in line with promoting wellbeing of the nation and the public at large.

She remarked that the coronavirus pandemic has shown a sharp rise and number of patients in severe conditions is alarmingly increasing as the people are failing to adhere to precautions set by the government.

Sahle-Work urged graduates to engage on problem solving activities to help curtail the pandemic.

President of Addis Ababa University, President Tasew Woldehana, stated on the occasion, said the institution has been offering courses through online technology ahead of today’s graduation.

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